KT Science Terms :

KT science term describes or defines the process of a) having a body of evidence/information/knowledge/research and b) moving it into practice/application/use.

Synonyms or Near Synonyms

Innovation Adoption*
Innovation Adoption and Diffusion
Healthcare Innovation
Innovations in health service delivery and organization
Innovation Development Process
Product adoption and utilization
Organizational innovation

Applied Health Research

Continuing Education
Continuing Professional Development
Continuing Medical Education
Continuing Nursing Education

Knowledge Diffusion
Diffusion of Innovations*

Applied Dissemination
Effective Dissemination
Knowledge Dissemination*
Information Dissemination and Utilization
Popularization of Research

Evidence Based Practice
Evidence Informed Practice
Evidence Based Healthcare
Evidence Based Medicine
Evidence Based Nursing

Guideline Implementation
Implementation Research
Implementation Science*
Research Implementation


Integrating Evidence

Knowledge Adoption

Knowledge Integration

Knowledge to Action
Knowledge into use
Knowledge cycle*

Knowledge Transfer

Knowledge Transformation*

Knowledge Translation (KT)
End of grant knowledge translation
Integrated knowledge translation

Knowledge Uptake
Research Uptake

Quality Improvement
Quality Assurance
Patient Safety

Translational Research
Translational medicine
Translational science
Clinical and translational science
Translational research phase I
Translational research phase II
Translational research phase III

TRIP (turning/translating research into practice)

Research utilization*
Knowledge utilization
Knowledge production and utilization
Product adoption and utilization
Behavior utilization
Conceptual utilization
Confirmatory/disconfirmatory utilization

*Standardized Term

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