Core KT Terms

These terms have been suggested by KT researchers and compiled from other sources. Each term has a page with definitions and usages that we've found for them. Follow the links and please add your comments. Are these the terms you use? Are we missing some? Are some completely off topic? Please let us know via the discussion forum.Your input makes this collaborative exercise a success!
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Action Research
Information Dissemination and Utilization
Organizational Innovation
Applied Dissemination
Innovation Adaptation*
Participatory Action Research
Applied Health Research
Innovation Adoption*
Participatory Research
Audit and Feedback
Integrated KT
Patient Safety
Bench to bedside New
Know-Do Gap
Popularization of Research
Capacity Building*
Knowledge Adoption
Quality Assurance
Change Implementation
Knowledge Brokering
Quality Improvement
Clinical and Translational Science
Knowledge Communication*
Research Capacity
Knowledge Cycle*
Research Utilization*
Knowledge Development and Application
Science Communication
Collaborative Development
Knowledge Diffusion
Technology Transfer
Complex Interventions
Knowledge Dissemination*
Third Mission
Complexity Science
Knowledge Exchange
Total Quality Management
Continuing Education
Knowledge Management
Translational Medicine
Knowledge Mobilization*
Translational Research
Diffusion of Innovations*
Knowledge Synthesis
Translational Science
Knowledge Transfer
Transmission of Knowledge
Effective Dissemination
Knowledge Transformation*
Effectiveness Research
Knowledge Translation
Evaluation Research
Knowledge Uptake

Evidence based Medicine New
Knowledge Utilization

Gap Analysis

Guideline Implementation
Linkage and Exchange

Mode 2 Knowledge Production

Opinion Leaders

Implementation Research

Implementation Science*

*has a proposed definition