KT INTERVENTIONS based on the EPOC Taxonomy

Cochrane Effective Practice and Organisation of Care Group

The following list is based on the EPOC framework for professional, financial, organisational or regulatory interventions. (The categories are not
mutually exclusive.)

Professional interventions

a) Distribution of educational materials
b) Educational meetings
c) Local consensus processes
d) Educational outreach visits
e) Local opinion leaders
f) Patient mediated interventions
g) Audit and feedback
h) Reminders
i) Marketing
j) Mass media
k) Other

Financial interventions

Provider interventions
a) Fee-for-service
b) Prepaid
c) Capitation
d) Provider salaried service
e) Prospective payment
f) Provider incentives
g) Institution incentives
h) Provider grant/allowance
i) Institution grant/allowance
k) Institution penalty
l) Formulary
m) Other

Patient interventions
a) Premium
b) Co-payment
c) User-fee
d) Patient incentives
e) Patient grant/allowance
f) Patient penalty
g) Other

Organisational interventions

Provider interventions
a) Revision of professional roles
b) Clinical multidisciplinary teams
c) Formal integration of services
d) Skill mix changes
e) Continuity of care
• Arrangements for follow-up.
• Case management
f) Satisfaction of providers with the conditions of work and the material and
psychic rewards
g) Communication and case discussion between distant health professionals
h) Other

Patient orientated interventions
a) Mail order pharmacies
b) Presence and functioning of adequate mechanisms for dealing with
patients’ suggestions and complaints
c) Consumer participation in governance of health care organisation
d) Other

Structural interventions
a) Changes to the setting/site of service delivery
b) Changes in physical structure, facilities and equipment
c) Changes in medical records systems
d) Changes in scope and nature of benefits and services
e) Presence and organisation of quality monitoring mechanisms
f) Ownership, accreditation, and affiliation status of hospitals and other
g) Staff organisation
h) Other

Regulatory interventions

Any intervention that aims to change health services delivery or costs by
regulation or law.
a) Changes in medical liability
b) Management of patient complaints
c) Peer review
d) Licensure
e) Other (other categories to be agreed in consultation with the EPOC
editorial team)