Audit and Feedback Meeting

Overall meeting objective

To develop a research agenda to improve the effectiveness of audit and feedback interventions to reliably improve quality of care.


1. Establish the foundation for a program of research aimed at improving the effectiveness of AF interventions. This will include:
1a) prioritization of the elements of AF design that should be tested through application of experience, empirical data, and relevant theory
1b) recognizing settings that provide opportunities for testing AF design
1c) utilizing methodology to efficiently test and improve upon AF interventions.
2. Develop a knowledge translation plan for promoting and further develop this research agenda. This will involve:
2a) integrated collaboration with clinical, administrative, and policy-level stakeholders
2b) disseminating the results of the meeting to these stakeholders, as well as to researchers and trainees
2c) developing a wiki-based platform to support ongoing coordinated collaboration amongst international investigators and to promote coordinated efforts in the field
2d) establishing plans for new operating grants that will carry out the agenda developed in the meeting

Meeting Preparation Materials

Meeting minutes

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Powerpoint presentations from the meeting

Audit and Feedback Background

Future Potential Links

  • Audit and feedback project registry for head to head trials
  • Audit and feedback project registry for intervention design
  • Audit and feedback reporting guideline
  • Audit and feedback Meeting Reports/Outcomes