Applied Dissemination (n=3)

Definition 1: Coined in 1998, the term “Applied Dissemination” refers to the documentation and dissemination of a concept, a program, a skill set, or a process, and its subsequent application in a new setting (Related terms include “replication” and “scaling up”).
Source: The J.W McConnell Family Foundation
Focus: Social Innovation

Definition 2: The detailed list of questions in Should you sow what you know? was intended to help organizations think through the process of what we then coined Applied Dissemination. These words were deliberately chosen. We knew that dissemination in and of itself was an important, but not sufficient ingredient for the spread of new ideas. To take root, they need to be accompanied by information on how to apply or adapt the experiences of others in different settings.
Source: The J.W McConnel Family Foundation
Focus: Social Innovation

Definition 3: A term which refers to the process of disseminating information about an existing program, process, concept or knowledge and skills, and applying that information in a different context.
Source: Philanthropic Foundations Canada
Focus: n/a