WhatisKT provides an inventory of Knowledge Translation (KT) terms, their definitions, and links to related resources. This wiki is a collaborative environment to define and compare terms and concepts used to describe getting research into practice across a variety of disciplines.

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We completed a survey about the use of WhatisKT wiki. One of the suggestions was to have better grouping of terms. We have introduced new grouping of terms to reflect KT processes, methods and tools.We have added synonyms or near synonyms to terminology groupings below to indicate a set of terms or terms that are identical, almost identical, or very closely related.

KT Science terms: describe or define the process of a) having a body of evidence/information/knowledge/research and b) moving it into practice/application/use.
KT Intervention terms: describe or define a method or set of methods that will be done to enable (an act of intervening) a body of evidence/ information/knowledge/research to be moved into practice. Intervention term examples are audit and feedback, communities of practice, and opinion leader/educational influential.
KT Tools and Methods terms: describe or define a tool or technique that aids the whole KT process or a part of the KT process. For example tool terms are gap analysis, knowledge synthesis, and comparative effectiveness research.
Miscellaneous KT terms: are used in KT context, but not included in the categories above.

**New: Classification systems to design or describe KT interventions

WhatisKT wiki has over 125 terms with definitions. Feel free to browse the alphabetical list of terms and let us know if we have missed a term.